Drive-in Theaters are Back!

Sunday, May 17, 2020, 1:55 PM

Is this back to the past or future? Once a symbol of Americana, the popularity and number of drive-ins have decreased from their peak of 4,000 to a measly 30 in the whole of the US. In 2020, the swindling pattern of audiences of drive-ins has taken an unexpected turn though.

The social distancing required during the COVID-19 outbreak has brought about many lifestyle changes. Among one of these changes is the revival of drive-in theaters.


Drive-in theater owners are seeing a surprising increase in demand and revenue as people have resorted to these theaters instead of regular ones for their entertainment needs.

It provides a chance to get out of the house while allowing people to maintain social distance eradicating the anxiety caused by going out during these times.

Of course, these theaters have had to bring about some changes in their operations during this outbreak by increasing the distance between cars in the lots and sanitizing washrooms are some of the precautions being taken.

Speakers are now covered instead of being open. Some drive-ins have also put in place a system to book tickets online to make the whole process even more contactless to prevent the spread of the disease.

All of this is also being done in the hope to attract an even wider audience because drive-ins are one of the few pleasures the virus outbreak can allow.

Drive-in owners are also hopeful that this boost in the demand for drive-in theaters can be a renaissance in drive-in history and can extend into the post- COVID times.

We can only hope to see Drive-in Theaters pop-up Island wide in Jamaica as other countries adopts the new norm.

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