Driver of Getaway Car in Peter Tosh’s murder is now a Pastor in Spanish Town

On Friday, October 18th at the Peter Tosh Symposium held at the U.W.I. a bombshell was dropped by Native Wayne Jobson, the double Grammy award-winning producer, radio personality, and producer of the Canadian Academy Award-nominated Peter Tosh film Stepping Razor/ Red X.

He revealed that the driver of the getaway car at Peter Tosh’s murder is now a preacher in Spanish town who gets his congregation to sing Peter Tosh songs.

The name of the pastor is Steve Russell who went to jail with Peter Tosh’s murderer “Leppo” but when he got to court they made the mistake of charging him for Murder instead of accomplice to murder, so he walked scotch free.

Steve Russell now preaches at a church near to Dovecot in Spanish Town. Wayne Jobson in addition to being a reggae music historian is also now a consultant to Trojan Jamaica and the Contractor Music Group.

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