Dujuan ‘Whisper’ Richards and Girlfriend Host Exciting Baby Shower – Watch Videos, See Pics

Monday, June 3, 2024, 6:50 PM

Young Jamaican footballer Dujuan ‘Whisper’ Richards and his girlfriend Kimoya, now baby mother, announced via a gender reveal party that they were expecting a boy baby in late March. Now they are back again with another celebration on their journey to parenthood; a baby shower.

The event seemed to be colour-themed with everyone either wearing blue (to represent the baby being a boy), white, or both colours, notably, the colour is fitting with the fact that Whisper plays for Chelsea, a blue-coloured team.


Dujuan posted pictures from the baby shower to his Instagram account showing several different scenes from the party including both parents sitting on a chair and smiling for the camera, holding hands, laughing with attendees, and taking pictures with people.

See the pictures below:

One particular picture was captured during a baby shower game. It shows Dujuan sitting in a chair while Kimoya, blindfolded, stands behind him and feeds him with a ‘nipple bottle’ to simulate feeding a baby.

Other couples also took part in the game with the men taking the chairs and the women feeding them as depicted by the expecting parents.

Another game that was played involved Kimoya sitting down blindfolded and touching multiple male hands to see if she could recognize which one was Dujuan.

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A video of the game was shared to his Stories in which Kimoya was touching Dujuan’s hands before she finally pulled him toward her saying, “Is him,” which had the crowd laughing and cheering.

Watch the video and see the picture below:

Read some of the comments under the Instagram post below:

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