Dujuan ‘Whisper’ Richards Should Be Given a Chance to Play for Chelsea’s First Team?

Since joining Chelsea in England, Dujuan ‘Whisper’ Richards has been performing well with the club’s under-21 team. With only a few games left in the Premier League, the question has been posed: should the teen be given a chance to play with Chelsea’s first team?

Richards officially joined Chelsea in January and netted his first goal for the club in March against Newcastle. The eighteen-year-old has since secured seven goals with the club.


Following Richards’ standout performance in April, which saw him attain three goals and two assists in Premier League 2, he was nominated last week for Player of the Month. As the young forward continues to prove himself to be a capable player on the field, the question has been posed if he should be added to the senior team to showcase his skills with Chelsea in the Premier League. 

The player’s stats were recently compared to those of Senegalese Chelsea footballer Nicolas Jackson. Jackson signed with Chelsea last year on an eight-year contract reportedly worth over £30 million.

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Dujuan Richards

Since the above post on Instagram, the twenty-two-year-old has secured a total of 13 goals for Chelsea in the League. Discussing Richards’ hypothetical addition to the senior team, some football fans expressed that Richards is capable of performing well with the team.

“Whisper os ten time better than jackson,” one fan stated.

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Other fans expressed that the young footballer needs more time.

“Let’s be realistic whisper a killa inuh fih get me wrong but man need likkle more time fih sekkle dung.”

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View some more of the comments about Richards playing for Chelsea below.

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