Dutch Prosecutors Still Trying To Get Jah Cure More Prison Time

Friday, January 27, 2023, 10:13 AM

Following the decision by a Dutch judge to require him to continue serving his six-year sentence for attempted manslaughter in the Netherlands, Jamaican reggae icon Jah Cure will have to continue singing his 2007 hit “Prison Walls.”

The 44-year-old reggae singer, whose real name is Siccature Alcock, was cleared of the attempted murder charge in March last year. However, he was later found guilty of the lesser crime of attempted manslaughter in connection with the nearly fatal stabbing of a promoter because of unpaid money in October 2021.


According to DancehallMag, Dutch law stipulates that it is mandatory for an arrested and charged person to attend what they refer to as a “pro forma” every ninety days while they are in custody and awaiting a court date. The judge decides whether or not the person should be released during this preliminary hearing.

Based on information garnered from the press officer at the Public Prosecution Office for the Court of Appeal in the Netherlands, Tuscha Essed, the judge made the decision to keep the reggae artiste in custody.

Although Jah Cure was exonerated of the attempted murder accusation, the Dutch prosecutors were not happy with it and launched an appeal to have it reinstated. Jah Cure may find himself singing behind prison walls for an even longer period if the prosecutor’s requests are granted. The artiste can only speculate as to where he will stand after it’s all finished.

Jah Cure’s next pro-format court date is set for April 18th.

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Among other songs, Jah Cure’s “Longing for,” “Love Is,” and “True Reflection” (Prison Walls) are well-known. He was even nominated for a Grammy for his 2015 album, The Cure. Even though the musician is behind bars, he still has an album called “Undeniable” coming out. The album’s love-centred composition was made public in December of last year.

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