DWL: “Two hands inna yo Pocket a Juggle Balls” BAWDA CAT [Video]

Another video appears of Bawda Cat talking his mind and telling a few tales. “mi seh yow bredda nuh fling nuh stone dung a mi yaad, mi gi him 2 bloodclaat slap out a mi cutlas enuh” Cat explains that he warned the person not to “fling” any stone in his yard “blxxdclaat man a my yaad this”.

The next topic, Duppy Story. Cat talks about another man “flinging” stone after him in darkness.

Apparently, Cat takes a break from filming on the work site. “yo nuh si man a fcuk gal back way and cark hole wid big finga” cat talks about having no problem dancing with a girl from behind, Cat went on to explain that only pastor don’t do backaz.

Watch the full video below!


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