Dyema Cusses Her Mother on TikTok Live Stream “Yah di worst madda mi eva know…” – Watch Videos

Jamaican dancer Dyema Attitude went into a rant aimed at her mother during a TikTok live stream. The issue between Dyema and her mom seemingly stemmed from Dyema’s house, which is said to be built on her mother’s property.

Dyema unleashed a tirade filled with expletives, triggered by her mother reportedly claiming that she contributed to building the house. 


“When time nuting neva did a gwan fi mi, weh mommy do? Mommy seh him gwine fix up one part a di hall, mi seh lef mi hall a f**king lone, eh still ago dweet pan him free will…and him claim seh him spend $100,000,” Dyema said.

Dyema added that she bought her mother many things and gave her money, which would seemingly equate to the amount she spent or perhaps even more. 

“Yah di worst madda mi eva know bredda…Mi gi yuh mi all and yuh wah gwine like mi a di worst pickney and mi a di best pickney yuh eva have b*mboo h*le,” Dyema continued. 

Additionally, Dyema, who is in her early 40s, said that all of her siblings severed ties with her mother and she is the only one who shows her appreciation on birthdays and Mother’s Day. 

“All di day a mi life yuh cuss mi and mi neva answer yuh p*ssyhole a di fuss mi a answer yuh,” Dyema expressed. “Nuh money yuh nuh have inna mi house!”

“From mi a pickney yah angle mi so…Yah draw dung yuh draws a tear out yuh b**ty h*le a cuss mi like a dawg…Mi live inna di f**king yard, yah terrorize mi. Yuh wah tell mi who fi f**k. Yuh nuh have nuh money yah so and yuh cyah touch nuting fi mi or else mi bun dung it bombocl**t,” Dyema stated.

Watch clips from Dyema’s live stream below:

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