Monsta Boss Speaks on Split from Dyema, His Son Getting Kidnapped, and Limited Bookings Lately – Interview

Speaking on his career in the Jamaican dance scene during an interview, dancer Monsta Boss discussed his split from fellow dancer Dyema and not getting hired as much as he used to by promoters.

The young entertainer also reflected on the kidnapping of his infant son.

Monsta Boss rose to prominence in the local dance scene with his dance move Lego Di Bird and stirred up much discussion online when he began dating the much older Dutty Whine originator Dyema. With 18 years separating them, the couple were forced to defend their relationship on multiple occasions and later split.

Speaking on The Fix podcast, Monsta expressed that no one was really to blame and they were just not a good fit for each other.

“Wi a human being, wi all have flaws, but it’s like me an har flaws neva match, yuh understand. But is a good woman still unu don’t get mi wrong, yuh si me. Suh, she guh fi har ways and mi guh my ways,” Monsta stated.

Noting that he has learned from his very public relationship with Dyema, Monsta shared that he is in a new relationship but will be keeping this one private.

Discussing his dancing career, Monsta said he lost many friends after finding success with Lego Di Bird. 

Monsta Boss

After noting that people are fighting against his achievement with Lego Do Bird, the dancer questioned why he was not being booked for more shows by promotors. He also highlighted the difficulties he faces getting support from the artistes that he creates dance moves for. 

Unlike his turbulent partnership with deejay Laa Lee, whom he previously accused of not supporting him, Monsta praised Dancehall veteran Elephant Man for helping him despite not being mentioned in his music. However, the dancer clarified that he and Laa Lee are now on good terms.

Monster went on to open up for the first time about his missing son, Daniel Barnes. The entertainer shared that when he was 16 years old, one of his newborn twins was kidnapped from Victoria Jubilee Hospital (VJH). 

Though it has been eight years since the reported kidnapping, Monsta expressed that he and his family still have faith that they will find his son one day, and the kidnappers will face the consequences for their actions.

In regards to the attempt made on his life last year that left him badly injured, Monsta expressed that he’s going to “let bygones be bygones” and does not wish to reflect on it.

“The greatest ting me neva dead [ … ] Suh, why mi fi folla it up? Mi nuh wah folla up dat and den yuh hear seh monsta lose him life cause fi foolishness,” Monsta stated.

Watch the interview with Monsta Boss below.

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