“Waste Gyal” Dyema And Monsta Boss Argue Online – Watch Videos

What started out as a love match between two dancers despite the obvious age gap, has turned into a bad romance for Monsta Boss and Dyema Attitude, who lashes out at her former boyfriend with allegations of him being ungrateful, bad mind and abusive.

The relationship seemingly hit a huge iceberg when Monsta Boss allegedly started drama over one of Dyema’s Instagram Live streams. Dyema claimed that the video was not directed at her then-boyfriend, but he believed otherwise.


Tackling the situation on IG Live, Dyema, who said she had wanted a peaceful breakup, exposed her ex who was allegedly publicizing their relationship issues. During her live stream, Monsta Boss, was commenting that Dyema lives for the media.

While labelling him as a liar, Dyema adds that he is constantly throwing shade at her, but she ignores it. One of the disrespectful comments she recalls Monsta Boss saying in a post stated, “mi have a gyal a fuck but mi nuh own har”.

As Dyema continues to argue, Monsta remains in the comments and asks, “Clout u deh Look?”

Veteran dancer Dyema, who is in her early 40s while Monsta is in his early 20s, momentarily blamed the wrecked relationship on herself, indicating that she would never again date someone so young, or run anymore “kindergarten”.

Among the laughter in the comments, Monsta, wrote that their relationship is at an “end now”. Dyema agreed with this, stressing that anyone who wants him can take him because they are officially over.

The bad mind accusations came into play when she added that he always argued with her when she was being booked for dancing gigs. Dyema stressed that he is ungrateful as he would always claim she does not help him, but she does all she can, including taking him to work with her.


Alleging that the ‘Leggo Di Bird’ dancer was abusive in their relationship, Dyema said that he once hit her eye, causing her to temporarily lose vision. The allegations continued as she claimed that he argued with his mother and once threw stones at his mother.

“Any man weh you see cuss dem mumma and dem granny annuh good somebody enuh,” she subsequently said.

In another Livestream that Monsta started, Dyema was added to the Live and she went off at him saying he had blocked and unfollowed her. The couple went back and forth arguing about the older video that caused them to fall out.


Before Dyema got upset and left, she called Monsta a “waste gyal” and he persisted that the older video, which spoke on useless men, was a subliminal she threw at him.

Watch the videos of Dyema going at Monsta Boss below.


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