22yo Monsta Boss And 41yo Dyema Talks On Their Relationship And Fallout With Laa Lee And Pata Skeng

Monday, April 4, 2022, 7:38 PM

The dancing couple Monsta Boss and Dyema Attitude had a lot to share about their experience in the industry, including the fights they received when working with entertainers who did not give them the praise they deserved.

The entertainment industry is said to be a hard business for dancers, especially when dancers are not adequately acknowledged or praised for their creative moves that push dancehall tracks to be successful.


Dyema, who had been in the industry since the age of 16 and created famous dance moves ‘Dutty Whine’ and ‘Hot Wuk’, stated that she pushed her own career because the artists in the dancehall industry did not give her highlight for her hard work. She also added that she promoted herself in the streets to receive certain opportunities.

The 41-year-old dancer also said that one deejay she did not receive compensation from was Tony Matterhorn, who built a hit song from her dance back in 2006.

Monsta Boss said he had a similar experience of not getting the highlight that would promote his career. According to the ‘Lego Di Bird’ dancer, his fallout with Laa Lee was because he asked Laa Lee for financial help to promote the ‘Bird’ track, the artiste shut him down by saying he was not “Western Union”.

22-year-old Monsta Boss, also explained that he did not only want money from Laa Lee, he also was hoping to travel alongside Laa Lee to receive “exposure”, “experience and knowledge” at the events he would perform.

Monsta Boss went on to say that while he and Pata Skeng, were not close at the moment, he did not have an issue with Pata. However, Dyema classified Pata as a “pagan” for talking to them sometimes and then acting like he had an issue with them.

The dancing couple also talked about the age difference in their relationship with Dyema being 41 years old and Monsta being just 22.

Watch the full interview below.

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