Dyema Opens Up About Relationship With Younger Dancer Monsta Boss “Leggo Di Bird” Creator 

40-year-old dancer Dyema Attitude is defending her new relationship with “Leggo Di Bird” creator  Monsta Boss and she is making it known that age is a number as that seemed to have been one of the factors being raised against their relationship ever since its inception.

Dyema linked up with the Jamaica Star who published the story on Tuesday, and what was revealed is that the two dancers have been going through their relationship for 8 months now, only making it official on Valentine’s Day via Instagram that they were in love.

The female dancer who is well known for her role in creating the dance “Dutty Whine”, says people do not understand that Monsta is not a 19-year-old as he is 22, which she said in response to the talks that have been made about them, especially by deejay La Lee.

In respect to their new bond, Dyema said that the male dancer moved to her first and kept up his pace until they finally grew close to each other.

According to the female dancer, even though Monsta is more equipped than most men with reasoning ability she has always preferred to date younger guys with her ex-boyfriend being 15 years younger than her.

This Dyema, attributed to her growing up around her single mother, stated that she never got to play around with regular kids and so she maintained a child-like character to catch up on those lost days. She even went on to explain to the news medium that she loves high school movies and will choose to watch cartoons over gun shows.

Added to the criticisms of age that Dyema and Monsta have been getting, the Jamaica Star revealed that rumours stating that Monsta was using the female dancer to which she responded were not true since the male dancer has his own platform.

As it relates to their future of being together, the “Dutty Whine” creator said that marriage and getting children are not on her mind at this time since she will be getting much older and is more thinking about making the present moment work.

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