Dying Woman Asks Husband to Sleep With Her Ex

A distressed husband was left to turn to the internet when faced with an unthinkable situation as his wife’s dying wish.

According to the popular Reddit posts with the title “Am I The A**hole,” a man asked multiple strangers for their take on his wife being diagnosed with an incurable disease and requesting that her final wish be to have sex with an ex-lover of hers for the final time.

The original post was reportedly deleted but was re-posted by someone else and it has garnered a lot of attention. The post explained that after the man’s wife was diagnosed and told that she only had nine months left to live, she spoke to her husband about having a final wish that she would like him to grant.

The loving husband stated that he would like to accommodate her wish, however, after disclosing that her desire was to sleep with a particular ex before she died, her husband was left speechless. Feelings of anger, hurt, and a sense of being trapped by her final request due to her impending death led to the husband seeking answers online.


The story was also uploaded to Instagram on Pubity’s page where a lot of people gave their opinions on the situation.

Many sympathised with the husband, cat_marco said, “She has 9 months left to live and decides to break her husband’s heart and pride with the time she’s got,” someone else mentioned that the wife’s death is punishment enough and although the husband might be hurt by her request, the woman might have settled for the wrong relationship and she is trying to be true to her feelings now that she is dying.

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