Education Ministry Responds To Assault of 7-y-o at Clark’s Town Primary In Trelawny

The Ministry of Education has outlined special measures to be implemented at Clarks Town Primary in Trelawny where the alleged assault of a seven-year-old boy took place.

A meeting was convened by the school board on Wednesday November 8, 2017 with all parties concerned present, according to the release.

It was agreed that:

1. Immediate training of the school board was to be organised by Ministry of Education, Youth & Information personnel to adequately empower the school board with the skills sets, knowledge and guidelines that govern child care and protection and critical incidents in general.

2. The principal is to recruit a suitably qualified applicant for the position of School Security Officer on the ministry’s Apprenticeship Programme. This person will manage the gate operations with training other matters relating to the general security and safety of children on the school’s compound.

3. Educational Social Worker is to visit school community in order to conduct a social enquiry report on the parties involved.

The ministry said it now awaits the official findings and recommendations of the investigations from both the Office of the Children’s Advocate and the Child Development Agency.

The minister said he is also awaiting the formal report from the school board and action will be taken in accordance with the code of regulation.

Four Boys Assaulted A 7-yr-old At Clarks Town Primary,…Allegedly ‘Inserted Stick In His Rectum’

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Fiesty Malv

y does these pple still have a job? guidance counsellor principal an d fool fool man hmm!! the other day a mother use machete to beat her child cda come speak now dem silent the child is seven and none of these pple in their high chairs are defending him the mother fi sue d school cause mi nuh c wa shi ina lock fa d principal and guidance counsellor face still a function nobody nah nurse no wound this thing greive mi man

Donett Matthews

People on this planet has been infected with the devil, what kind of sick perverted mind could do this,what will they be like when they are older ,jamaica needs spiritual cleaning it’s getting too much for a dot in the world, .

Marcia Rigg

Send home all the staff them not doing there jobs n cove up what took place

Janet Barham

Exactly cause no matter what between the police and the mother the should have attend to the child wicked set a ole fort dem

KerryAnn Wint

Dem worst than old fart.This place doggg

Kirk Beckford

Justice have to serve in this case of neglect against this 7 yrs old boy and we need swift justice