Eek-a-Mouse Says the Recent You Tube Video was done for the LGBTQ Community as an Apology, He is Not Gay

Thursday, June 20, 2019, 11:47 AM

The well-known Jamaican Reggae and Dancehall artiste Eek-a-Mouse was seen in a controversial video acting strangely as if he has embraced the Gay lifestyle, in reply Eek-A said he was simply making an apology to the Gay community on behalf of all the homophobic artistes in Jamaica.

He said, he is a gallis and he likes when men are gay because that causes him to have more women available for him to be with as a straight man.


He was seen waving a Gay Pride flag and singing a ditty about love in the video. Many Jamaicans were saying he had decided to come out of the closet, and he is showing the world that he is gay. Eek-a-Mouse says he was showing love for everyone including those who are gay.

“I am bringing back the love in Reggae Music, and I am showing the world that, mi no have no fear” said the Jamaican artiste. Who started acting and made his debut 1n 1991 gangster movie “New Jack City.” He also spoke about the support that Reggae Music got from gay’s over the years.

Ripton Hylton aka Eek-a-Mouse dressed in drag and made a spectacle of himself and tries to explain his actions. He also said he will be performing at a concert in Geneva Arena in Switzerland along with other popular Jamaican artistes.

He spoke about Buju Banton and he is doing well in the music business since he was released from prison, but he had to stop performing “Boom Bye Bye” since 2007. He said “Buju signed the Reggae Compassionate Act that was drafted in 2007 and took the song off the internet. A human rights group coalition drafted the act as a part of a “Stop Murder Music” campaign.

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