Elderly Lady Dies After Witnessing Murder in St. Catherine

A day of celebration turned into a nightmare when Jason Ivy, celebrating his birthday with companions with a game of domino, was ensured to never see another birthday again.

Ivy was reported to be enjoying his game and drinking with his friends when he was accosted by armed men and shot repeatedly.


He was proclaimed to be dead on arrival at the Spanish Town Hospital where he was taken with another individual who was shot in the arm. The man was treated for his injuries.

The incident was said to have taken place on Sunday, May 28, at 5:30 PM in Mystic Way, Waterford.

Although many witnessed the scene, the night ended in tragedy for one elderly witness who also died due to the incident. Other eyewitnesses claim that the unidentified elderly lady seemed to have been startled by the gunshots and fainted. She was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Fenley Douglas, the Councillor for the Waterford division, is imploring the residents of Waterford to come forward with any information that they might have about the incident on Sunday and work with law enforcement so that those responsible can be put to justice.

Douglas also mentioned that the area has seen little to no crime for the last several months. According to The Gleaner, Douglas stated, “I can’t say that the peace has been broken. We have been working closely with the police, and through different community interventions we have been able to maintain relative calm in the area.”

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