Woman Kills Son and Stuffs Remains in Car Trunk; Tells Police Its Deer Meat – Watch Video

A  28-year-old woman, Julissa Thaler, from Spring Park, Minnesota, United States was indicted of first-degree murder.

According to reports and police bodycam footage, Thaler was questioned by law enforcement officers on May 20, 2022, when noticed something amiss about her parked car.


Thaler told police officials, “I have a broken windshield and I’m missing a tire because some kids were shooting up my car.” One of the officers on the scene noted that “there’s blood all over the car,” and Thaler explained by stating, “It’s not blood, it’s deer meat. I had a big bag and there’s a farm around here that does deer meat and hamburgers.”

Not satisfied with the explanation because of the many shotgun shells surrounding the car, the police kept digging. When the trunk of the car was opened, they discovered a body inside belonging to the woman’s son, identified as Eli Hart.

Reports state that Thaler was initially charged with second-degree murder, a charge that was changed to first-degree after she refused to take a plea deal.

In the case of Eli Hart’s murder, Thaler made her first court appearance on Friday and earlier this week, her bail was also increased to two million dollars.

Watch the short video clip below:

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