Texas Man Kills Girlfriend After She Took Abortion Behind His Back

After learning that his girlfriend had gone out of state for an abortion procedure, Harold Thompson fatally shot his girlfriend in a Dallas parking lot. The affidavit stated that the suspect is believed to be the father and that he was against Gonzalez getting an abortion.

Harold Thompson, 22, reportedly shot and killed Gabriella Gonzalez, 26, after learning that she had travelled to Colorado to undergo an abortion and returned the previous day.

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Police said in the affidavit that surveillance video showed the suspect first choking Gonzalez, then shooting her once in the head before firing several shots as she fell to the ground. In the course of the day, Thompson was arrested and charged with murder.

Currently, Thompson is confined in the Dallas County jail without bond.

A witness to the shooting was Gonzalez’s sister, according to police. In the affidavit, Gonzalez’s sister testified that she was passing by and saw the couple in the parking lot just before the shooting, heard the gunfire, and saw her sister lying on the ground.

Another witness also saw Thompson choke Gonzalez but couldn’t call 911 because she didn’t have a cell phone, the affidavit revealed. Prior to this crime by Thompson, he had already been charged with assault of a family member, who had accused him of choking her two months earlier.

PHOTO: AP/J. Scott Applewhite

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As of September 2021, abortions after approximately six weeks of pregnancy are banned in Texas. However, after Roe vs Wade got overturned last summer, almost all abortions in Texas have been prohibited, except in medical emergencies.

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