Man Fatally Shoots Scammer for Swindling $40 from Him While on a Date

May 1, 2023 1:22 AM

A Texas man is facing murder charges after he fatally shot someone who scammed him out of $40 (USD). The defendant, Erick Aguirre, went on a date with a female at the Rodeo Goat restaurant in Houston and parked their vehicle in the parking lot across the street.

The report details that while in the parking lot, 46-year-old Elliot Nix approached them, pretending to be a parking attendant, and requested $40. After the couple paid the $40 and went inside the restaurant, the waitress informed them that Nix was a fraud, and that was when Aguirre left his date inside the restaurant and went after Nix.


Witnesses inside a smoke shop saw when Aguirre got a pistol from his car, chased Nix, and shot him. Aguirre then left Nix at the spot where he shot him and returned to his date after putting his firearm back inside the vehicle. Later, Nix was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Meanwhile, Aguirre’s date was unaware of the incident until the following day, when the police released a photo of them, and she came forward, telling the police that her date was angry about the $40 scam, and he went after the person. At some point during the dinner, he said that he was uncomfortable, and they left.

A judge set Aguirre’s bond at $200,000 after his court appearance on Thursday for the murder that happened on April 11. 

Watch the news report below:

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