Elderly Man Blames Woman After Videotaping Her Without Permission – Watch Video

After getting caught taking a video of a woman without her permission, an elderly man argued that he couldn’t help it and that she was really to blame.

The incident was captured in a video now circulating on social media. In the video, a woman confronts a man in a supermarket whom she believes has been videoing her without her permission.

When confronted, the man at first denies filming her and claims that he was taking a photo of something in the store and even shows her the videos on his phone. But the woman, sure of what she saw, searches the phone for herself and finds the video.

She walks away, not taking the incident too seriously but tells him he’s going to get exposed. The elderly man then bizarrely tells the woman, “I couldn’t help it. You couldn’t help it. It’s your fault,” and proceeds to follow her.

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He goes on to ask if he can take a photograph of her because he likes “pretty things,” but the woman asks him to delete the video he took of her.

Watch the video below.

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