Elderly Man Fatally Shot After Trying To Skip Scotia Bank Line In St Ann

Saturday, February 25, 2023, 7:14 AM GMT-5

A 72-year-old man was shot and killed by a licensed firearm holder in St Ann’s Bay after allegedly attacking customers waiting in a queue at an ATM.

The victim, Vincent George Phillips, is a retiree from the Forrest district of Bamboo in the parish.

According to reports, several people, including the licensed firearm holder, were waiting in line at the ATM. Vincent approached and then bypassed everyone to the front of the line. Despite being told to wait until his turn, the man insisted and stood ahead of a woman. He was then reportedly pushed away.

The police continued by stating that after being pushed away, Phillips allegedly assaulted a woman with a bag he had. The assault resulted in swelling and bruises to her hand.

The elder then attacked a businessman, who is a licensed firearm holder, with the same bag he used to attack the woman. The businessman reportedly used his hand to block the bag to prevent it from striking him in the face. The licensed firearm holder sustained swelling and bruises in the process.

The police further stated that after being hit several times, the licensed firearm holder pulled his pistol and fired it once. The retiree was shot and later rushed to St Ann’s Bay Hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

Upon arrival at the scene, the police confiscated the businessman’s weapon and took him into custody. The bag Vincent Phillips used to attack the man and woman contained two bottles. The bottles were a bottle of cologne and a bottle of aftershave.

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The St. Ann Police are continuing their investigation.

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