Footage Of Thieves Removing ATM From Gas Station — Watch Video

Social media users were left in shock as an alleged video of criminals removing an automated teller machine (ATM) early Thursday morning surfaced online.

In a previous report, it was reported that the incident took place in Westmoreland, Jamaica, and the spot where the machine once stood was seen with evidence of discoloured flooring and a somewhat dismantled wire casing laying bare on the floor, with wires that were once connected to the ATM protruding from it.


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In the appalling footage, the men are seen pooling their efforts to remove the machine, which seems to have a lot of weight. One man is then seen stepping away from the group; he appears to be keeping watch to see if anyone is coming, and then he returns to help his fellow culprits.

While it is unclear exactly how many people participated in the criminal act, approximately eight men can be seen in the footage.

Even though weapons were not seen in the video, it is assumed that the men were armed when they came to do the unscrupulous act; however, what could be identified is that the men equipped themselves with tools that enabled them to breach the premises and remove the ATM.

One of the men is seen taking up these tools and then laying them back down to help lift the ATM away.

Watch the footage below:

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