Thieves Stole ATM from Westmoreland Gas Station – Watch Video

Footage of an empty space where an automated teller machine (ATM) used to be surfaced online after it was stolen from a gas station in Westmoreland, Jamaica.

Uploaded by the Jamaica Gleaner, the video shows the stained floor of a tiled room and the remnants of where the ATM once was, as wires and bent metal were the only indications that the machine was gone.

Reports state that armed thieves broke into a service station in the parish of Westmoreland by employing the use of a tool to cut the grille of the front door to the targeted establishment. The said establishment was also noted to have been broken into last year.

The surveillance systems at the station were disabled by the robbers who then proceeded to dislodge the machine from where it was connected. An undisclosed substantial amount of money was reported to be stolen which was stored in the ATM.

The heist occurred sometime around 2:30 AM on Thursday, February 2, 2023.

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Watch the video below: