Big Turnout for Termite Candlelight – Watch Video

The candlelight ceremony for Sheldon Walters, otherwise known by the alias ‘Termite’ was held in his community of Top Bank last night, boasting a big turnout of supporters. Termite was an alleged gang leader of the infamous One Don Klansman Gang and was reportedly shot and killed by police of St. Catherine North on Friday, April 19, 2024.

His candlelight, otherwise known as a nine-night, was seemingly hosted by a selector (which is out of the norm for these events). People could be seen gathered in an open area beside a house as the selector spoke about the turnout of various people like “Lady San San”, “Lady Donna” and “the New Jersey Family.”


The young and the old showed up for Termite’s send off as can be seen in the video. Watch the video below:

The video of the candlelight was posted on Instagram and the comment section was split in the middle with many people surprised at how many people were there as others left notes of RIP (rest in peace).

Jadenbrownja said, “Police need fi lock it off immediately,” and rula.png_ stated, “”RIP” as in rest in piss? Caz a cah rest in peace.” On the other hand bdm_876 said, “Termite a good yute, the police dem labeled him as a don when he was a philanthropist…”

Also, bad_gal_affair wrote, “dispite his lifestyle” Termite had family and friends and they are “Gonna make sure everything is done. Yall might not love him they do.”

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