Pamputtae Opens for Nicki Minaj in Canada Waving Jamaica Flag – Watch Video

Back in February Nicki Minaj revealed her love for Dancehall artiste Pamputtae whose real name is Eveana Henry, the Trinidadian rapper also shared that she will be assisting the Ride It artiste with obtaining a US visa so that she can be on her Pink Friday 2 Tour.

As per Pamputtae’s latest posts online, Ninki Minaj followed through with her promise of having her perform on her tour. Pamputtae performed as an opener for Nicki Minaj on Tuesday, April 30, in Toronto during the second show in Canada of the tour.


Tuesday night, Pamputtae took to Instagram and wrote, “First and foremost I want to give thanks to the most high God. Big up @nickiminaj for allowing me to open her second show in Toronto. To all my fans that have been here from day one and the new ones, I love you,” along with several images in a slide. Notably, her big son was also present at the show.

In a second post, she also wrote, “Thank you @nickiminaj again for this amazing opportunity and blessing! 🇯🇲🇹🇹🇨🇦 Nuff love and Respect to team Pamputtae.”

For her second post of the night, she shared a video clip from her raunchy performance as she waved the Jamaica flag high and sang her most popular songs to the responsive crowd.

Nicki Minaj replied to Pamputtae’s show of gratitude by commenting, “Love you 🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷.”

Spice was also in the comments area, she wrote, “It Good ieh Good eh good eh Good ,Good ,Good Woooieeeeeee.”


Pamputtae also shared a video of seemingly of herself taking in the show:

Back in February, the Queen of Rap was on an Instagram livestream when she noticed Pamputtae in the comments, expressing her desire to join her Pink Friday 2 tour.

In response to Pamputtae’s comment, Nicki said, “Pamputtae, if you can come out here right now, I will hire you right now on the spot, Pamputtae. And then, you can be on the tour, and every night we can do umm our song… the Fine Nine tings zeen.”

After Pamputtae apparently mentioned that she does not have a US visa, Nicki responded, “Pam, you don’t have no US visa, and yah tell me seh yah come? Alright, Pam, let me see how we can figure this out. You should be able to go wherever the f**k you wanna go… Your a big f**king gyal.”

Watch the live-stream below:

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