Elderly Woman Brags About Her 15-year-old Lover, Says She is Not Afraid Of Police – Watch Video

In a self-incriminating video, an elderly woman professes her love for a 15-year-old boy and expresses her desire to have the schoolboy move in with her. The married woman was seemingly on public transportation as she made the startling revelations.

“If him mother and father nuh like me, me sorry fi dem cause a tek me a tek him a town, a just tru the boss nuh waa, him wud live a town straight me love him bad,” the woman disclosed to the passengers on the transport.

In the video, a man asked the woman the question about law enforcement officers with the fact that it’s a grievous crime she is confessing to, to which she replied, “All police fraid a me everybody know bout me.”

She continued, “under age weh… a 15-year-old me want weh me a do wid old man, old man stink old man raw me caa carry nobody go a doctor caa me never train fi tun doctor and me nuh Jesus, young boy fresh off a the ice young fresh me happy me nuh sad and me nuh miserable.”

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As it relates to her husband, the outspoken and defiant elderly woman made the following statement, “An he gone a foreign ten year now a 15 year me nuh sex, cause before him go a foreign me left him five year before and mek him go sleep out a door and him deh a foreign a bawl him a ge me 1000us to mine the young boy me nah left the young boy him nice bad, nah left him.”

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See the video below:

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