Ele Shows Off Updated Mansion – Video

Dancehall veteran Elephant Man today gave a tour of his mansion in its updated form and as expected, the home of the Jamaican superstar is looking more luxurious than ever.

The first part of the house that “Ele” exhibited was his living room, which features some very elegant designs as well as great looking furniture and an expensive-looking chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

While giving his fans an Instagram tour the “Energy God”, was giving God thanks for his achievements that allowed him to have such a nice home. It was at that time he showed what he referred to as his wall of fame, which features memorable photos of him in hanging picture frames.

Going further on his mansion tour Elephant Man showed where his bedroom was, letting the fans see his bed which has a design fitting for a King.

Next was his big kitchen, which was adorned with nicely plated tiles while looking extremely clean.

Then the entertainer went outside the house to show off his outdoor Kitchen which also featured a grill with a pool, waterfall and a club, close by to top it all off.

In case someone saw the deejay’s house and developed a malicious intent, to go and rob the place, it would be a great thing to change their minds as “Ele” has several dogs guarding his property, who seem to love the “Dancers segment” artiste to the ground following him everywhere they can.

It would be quite an interesting thing to see other entertainers open their doors to the public like the “Energy God” has done because it might just be the thing to motivate someone to strive for the best.

Check out the footage below.

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