Elephant Man Addresses Reports of Him Lying to Immigration Officers

Friday, March 20, 2020, 8:40 AM

The dancehall artiste Elephant Man denied the suggestions that he failed to inform Jamaican immigration officials that he visited Germany on his recent Europe tour.

The Entertainer has become the subject of an investigation that is being done by the Health Ministry after rumours started making the rounds on social media that he returned from Europe, an area that is heavily infested with COVID-19, and failed to follow the measures that were put in place by the Government to contain the spread of the virus.


Elephant Man whose given name is Oneil Bryant said he had to cut his tour short because many places were locked down as the COVID-19 virus spread is getting serious. He says the virus is the biggest threat to mankind right now and he doesn’t see it as a joke.

He also said he was not aware of the self-quarantine protocol that was set up but he was enlightened by the immigration authorities at the airport when he returned after a long stay abroad. 

The Complication
The form asked for the country he travelled to in the last six weeks and he wrote Amsterdam, Europe as that was the last show, he did last week. He also told an immigration officer that he visited Berlin and Sweden, after he was asked to name a few of the countries he had travelled to. His passport was stamped before he left, he was shocked when he heard the discussion about his travel being talked about all over.

He also said he wouldn’t lie when his passport shows all the places he had visited, and he expected people to be at the airport to take him to home quarantine and when he saw there was no one, he simply went home and didn’t leave again.

The deejay also said he has not been a lawbreaker and one particular voice, note has caused him to be upset.

 He told the JAMAICA STAR that “How me a go gwaan like me wah joke out di thing when me deh inna di world and me see the evil and wickedness weh a gwaan out deh? Me wouldn’t violate things like this and lie on the papers,” he said. “A tour me a come off of and everybody know, everybody see where me bee.”  

Dr. Christopher Tufton the Health Minister, told persons at a press conference that he had heard about the issues pertaining to the artiste and he has requested an investigation into the matter.

Elephant Man also said he would not comment on it until the investigation is complete.
Elephant Man also said he wanted the authorities to visit his home and start doing the necessary procedures and check if he has the virus, as he wants to do his part to control the spread.

He also wants to do the home quarantine thing and keep everyone safe so people won’t be able to say he broke the rules. 

He also spoke about the COVID-19 related death that was reported and said this is no joke or game and he won’t disrespect the system. He also said he knew how serious it is to take risks with other persons lives and he doesn’t want to do that, he also revealed that he is not dumb, careless or stupid.

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