Elephant Man Drops “Prettiness Fi Me” Music Video

Thursday, November 4, 2021, 4:00 PM

It has been hours since veteran Dancehall artiste Elephant Man dropped a new banger entitled “Prettiness Fi Me”, and upon hearing the song there is no doubt that the ladies will have a lot to say about it. “Prettiness” is produced by Cassette Jones on “Giggy Riddim” and distributed by Johnny Wonder. The instrumental that makes up the song instantly impacts the listener by the 90’s Dancehall flare it carries, which perfectly matches the vocal style that the “Energy God” brought to the track.

In starting the song, a female was used, saying the introductory words, which involved her describing her female organ Jamaicans known to be the “Pum Pum” as clean with a gummy grip. At that point, Elephant Man jumps on the track by calling out the women that tend to boast about having a “Good hole”, when indeed he only cares about the specifics of his liking such as the tightness, stickiness, cleanness and prettiness which the artiste outlines by using the phrase “mi like” after vividly describing his preferences.


He went on in his “Pum Pum” analysis by singing that some of the females proposing to have a “Good hole”, do not know how to wash it so the entertainer provides a solution by directing one of his girls to teach the others how to get the “Prettiness” cleansed. All the previously described parts of the song done by “Ele”, were crafted in the form of a chorus that had several repeating factions that makes it different from the regular Dancehall song.

The “Energy God” went on to tutor the females with meticulous metaphors and other use of language in the verse of the song by going into details of the result of getting the “Pum Pum” washed, and also what happens when it is dirty.

Once the “Prettiness” is clean, Elephant Man highlights that no cases of shots being fired by the female are supposed to happen, which is a popular way for Jamaicans to describe a person passing on an STD to another. The veteran Dancehall artiste also makes it clear that if the underwear of the woman being questioned is dark, when it was originally white then something is wrong.

Closing off the first verse the entertainer jumped back in the unique chorus to reverberate the message, then went on in the second verse to describe a female being filled with shape and blessed with a pretty face being hyped on by a male, which “Ele” highlights as him passing his place since the woman has it all.

Finishing the second verse of “Prettiness Fi Me” right through which is bound to have the females boasting about their “Good hole”. The track is also expected to be a club banger and one for the streets.

The song was presented with a colourful music video that had Ele eating cereal almost in a comedic manner throughout the video while several “pretty” females dance to the beat and lyrics.

The song is now available for streaming on all platforms, and the producer Cassette Jones can be followed on Instagram by the handle @Cassette.Jones.

Elephant Man recently returned to the Island after a very successful visit to Panama where he put on a memorable performance. It was also reported that the dancehall artiste’s Instagram account has been tampered with.

Watch the music video below.

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