Elephant Man Reportedly Got “Box Dung” by Scare Dem Crew Member

July 23, 2021 10:48 AM

The name “Scare Dem Crew” is no stranger to Jamaican music lovers, especially those who basked in the Dancehall culture of the ’90s.

The musical group started in Seaview Gardens when a group of deejays came together and unified as one powerhouse, making hit records together.


The group consisted of entertainers such as Nitty Kutchie, Boom Dandimite, Harry Toddler and Elephant man. The set of deejays working together was also closely aligned to Bounty Killer, with who they would usually go on tours to gain exposure.

Hours ago the “Grung Gad”, posted a picture on his Instagram, celebrating the life of Boom Dandimite, which saw all the members of the Scare Dem Crew present at a table except Elephant Man, which sparked curiosity in fans.

One follower of “Killa”, commented on the photo asking “Weh Ellie deh?”, which was given a quick comment by Bounty, stating, “@elephantmanjamaica isn’t human he’s an animal he has no feelings numbed”.

Right after “The 5 star General” dropped his controversial response, someone else commented on the photo stating “Suh him still carrying feelings when Kutchie box him”. “Killa”, also responded to that comment by saying “leave certain things alone but I don’t know”.

What is interesting to note is that it was not known by the public that Elephant Man and Nitty Kutchie had a falling out since they were so close in the past.

As a part of Scare Dem Crew, the two made many songs together such as “Pure Gal”, “Man Weh Can Do”, ” Girls segment” and many more.


Will the “Energy God”, come out to say something about the little known controversy? We will have to wait.


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