Elephant Man Reveals He Has 38 Children

After earlier telling us that he has 20 children in total, in a recent Instagram live session, Elephant Man proudly declared himself a father of 38 children. He attributed this prolificacy to his youthful and idle days growing up in Seaview Gardens, Kingston.

For years there have been speculations surrounding the Grammy-nominated Dancehall artiste whose birth name is Oneil Bryan total amount of children with the deejay not wanting to tell the full number, seemingly not wanting to hurt the feelings of some of his kids.


Elephant Man, also known as the ‘Energy Gad’, dismissed the notion of using birth control in relationships, stating boldly that he does not use condoms during intercourse. He likened this lifestyle choice to maintaining his health and fitness, hinting at dietary habits and herbal remedies to keep himself in shape.

Addressing controversies surrounding his parenting and personal life, Elephant Man expressed resilience in the face of rumours, including unfounded claims about his health status. He vehemently denied rumours, affirming his good health and strength.

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Elephant Man remains unapologetic about his lifestyle choices and continues to navigate the scrutiny that comes with his fame and personal life.

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