Elon Musk Announces Exit From CEO Post at Twitter

Less than a year after his massive purchase of the social media company Twitter and several contentious changes to the platform, controversial businessman Elon Musk has announced his exit as CEO.

Musk began his tumultuous acquisition of Twitter on April 14, 2022, concluding the purchase of the company on October 27, 2022, at a cost of approximately $44 billion. After massive layoffs and a number of changes to the company that were not well received, such as its subscription verification service, Twitter Blue, Musk asked Twitter users last year if he should keep running the popular social media site.

After a majority of respondents voted for the business tycoon to leave, Musk said he would resign as CEO as soon as he found “someone foolish enough to take the job.” On Thursday, Musk revealed that he had hired a new CEO to replace him and that the unnamed female executive would begin in 6 weeks.

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According to Musk, who had previously shared that he would remain at the company in some capacity, his role will transition to the executive chair and CTO, overseeing product, software, and sysops.

View the post below.

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