Elon Musk Given Go Ahead to Launch Starlink in Jamaica

Elon Musk, an American Billionaire, was given the go-ahead to launch Starlink operations in Jamaica.


The Starlink project, owned by SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies [a tech company started by Musk in 2002]), has not only become the world’s first but also the largest satellite constellation which uses a low Earth revolution to distribute broadband internet efficient enough to sustain online gaming, video calls, and much more.


Daryl Vaz, Minister of Science, Energy, and Technology signed off on the licence that will allow Starlink Services Jamaica to begin equipping the island with low-latency, high-speed broadband internet following the approval of the Office of Utilities Regulation to acknowledge the company’s application to become a service provider and receive carrier telecoms licences in Jamaica.

Vaz gave his approval on Thursday, October 6, 2022, and stated that this moment is a tremendous one when it comes to the improvement of the country’s digital domain.

Speaking to the Jamaica Observer, Vaz said, “We are working assiduously to broaden the connectivity across the island.” He believes that Starlink is a step “in the right direction” because areas that have trouble receiving internet connection due to their location will be able to acquire high-speed internet.

He voiced that the public will now have more options of suppliers from which to choose. “I remain committed to ensuring we continue to advance technologically as this will bolster advancement in education, the medical field, and economic growth,” he added.


The Minister of Technology observed that the initiation of Starlink in Jamaica means that even the most remote areas will have access to the world of internet connectivity. Starlink’s connectivity will allow communities to grow economically, generate telehealth services, and better provide access to online education.

Starlink has been serviceable since 2019 and has already established a foothold in over thirty countries worldwide. The service also facilitates unmatched and uninterrupted connectivity in instances of emergency response and natural disasters. SpaceX has already dispensed assistance after flooding, hurricanes, and wildfires, and also helped public safety officials and governments when they were experiencing critical moments.

Reportedly, the company announced a week prior that they would be using Starlink’s resources to reinstate the areas in Florida that have lost access to the internet because of hurricane Ian.

Ron DeSantis, Florida’s Governor, took to Twitter on Saturday to thank SpaceX for all the effort made to restore the internet connection to Florida. “Thanks to your innovative technology, Floridians will be able to better connect with their loved ones,” he tweeted.

Sotomo Alto, a village in Chile consisting of 20 families, which is only accessible by boat, is being provided with internet which is in turn being used to power tablets that the Chilean education ministry funded so that the students from the village will have access to online learning materials, be able to perform video calls with students from other schools and participate in virtual museum visits.

SpaceX is currently supplying specialized Starlink kits to aid them in order to maintain quality, continuous and reliable internet whether in the air or at sea.

Starlink Boradband

Managing director of Spectrum Management Authority, Dr. Maria Myers-Hamilton, stated on Thursday that Starlink will become an empowering force that will bolster the Government’s goal of metamorphosing Jamaica’s future through introducing unserved and underserved communities to the world of connectivity. She remarked, “We look forward to introducing the Starlink kit to the public, which arrives with everything you need to get online in minutes, including your Starlink [satellite], Wi-Fi router, cables and base.”

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