Emergency Meeting in Jamaica to Address the Growing Crisis in Haiti

Amidst escalating tensions and deepening socio-political unrest in Haiti, a coalition of regional powers has convened Caribbean, North American, and European leaders and diplomats for an urgent gathering/summit to address Haiti’s escalating crisis.

The summit as per reports, will take place in Jamaica’s capital, Kingston on Monday, March 11. The meeting will serve as a crucial platform for stakeholders to strategize and coordinate efforts aimed at stabilizing Haiti and charting a course towards sustainable peace and security.

As per the latest reports, the leader of Haiti Ariel Henry is ‘stuck’ in Puerto Rico and unable to return to Haiti as the most powerful man in the country currently, former police officer Jimmy Chérizier, alias ‘Barbecue‘ promises a civil war should the prime minister return to power and not resign.


Barbecue‘ is said to be the leader of the many gangs that have united against the government of the country, the gangs reportedly control about %80 of the Caribbean country. The situation has prompted further evacuations of foreign diplomats from Haiti, including European Union personnel and non-essential US staff.

State of Emergency in Haiti

Haiti recently extended their current State of Emergency as protests intensified along with demonstrations across the nation, fueled by frustrations over government corruption, economic inequality, and lack of basic services. These protests have often turned violent, leading to clashes between security forces and demonstrators, resulting in casualties and widespread destruction daily.

Furthermore, Haiti faces a humanitarian crisis exacerbated by food insecurity, inadequate healthcare, and environmental challenges. The aftermath of natural disasters, including hurricanes and earthquakes, has further strained the country’s already fragile infrastructure and resources.

Amidst these challenges, efforts to establish a cohesive and inclusive government remain elusive. Political divisions and power struggles persist, hindering progress towards sustainable solutions and meaningful reforms for the neighbouring country to Jamaica.

Who Caused the Crisis in Haiti?

The crisis in Haiti is a complex culmination of historical, political, economic, and social factors. Decades of political instability, corruption, and governance failures have left the nation vulnerable to unrest and turmoil.

Foreign interference, including interventions and economic exploitation, has also contributed to Haiti’s challenges. “The U.S. Government” is being blamed mainly for the crisis by Haitian reporters who point out that the USA removed the last Democratically elected leader of the country.

As Haiti stands at a critical juncture in its history, the need for urgent and comprehensive action cannot be overstated. Addressing the root causes of the crisis, fostering dialogue among diverse stakeholders, and prioritizing the well-being of the Haitian people are essential steps towards charting a path forward.

Learn more about the crisis in the report below:

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