End of an Era: Jamaican Gangster Christopher ‘Dog Paw’ Linton’s Last Stand

Saturday, March 16, 2024, 7:20 AM GMT-5

Back in October of 2021, St. Andrew’s August Town community was rocked with the news that Christopher ‘Dog Paw’ Anthony Linton, a known villain within Jamaica‘s criminal underworld, was cut down in a violent encounter with the lawmen.

Linton is best known under his alias ‘Dog Paw,’ and his life affirms that crime, punishment, and justice interact together in Jamaica in complicated ways.


  • Who was Christopher ‘Dog Paw’ Linton? One of the notorious Jamaican criminal gang leaders, Christopher ‘Dog Paw’ Linton, has been known to have operated from his operations centre in St Andrew’s August Town area.
  • What led to Christopher Linton’s death? Linton was shot and killed by police in a confrontation in St Andrew’s August Town.
  • What was the Dog Paw Gang? The Dog Paw Gang was a criminal group in Jamaica, led by Christopher Linton, involved in various illegal activities.
  • Did Christopher Linton have a criminal trial? Yes, Linton faced trial and was convicted for his criminal activities, including the murder of a police officer.
  • What does Linton’s death signify for Jamaica? Linton’s death was a result of the so-called continuation of the fight against organized crime and the difficulty in reaching justice in such cases.

A Life Enshrouded in Infamy Christopher Linton, or ‘Dog Paw‘ as he was better known, was no stranger to the darker corridors of Jamaican society. He furthered his reputation as a hardcore leader in carrying out various forms of criminal activities, particularly by taking the helm of the notorious Dog Paw Gang.

The Law Catches Up Linton was trying to run away from the long arm of the law, which finally caught up with him. In the course of one of the serious operations, he was apprehended with incriminating evidence. His subsequent trial and conviction marked, perhaps irreversibly, a turning point in Jamaica’s fight against organized crime.

A Controversial Figure Till the End Even his time in jail was surrounded by controversy, including allegations of abuse and a high-profile appeal to have him released. But that freedom was short-lived, and in a tense showdown, police shot and killed Linton—setting off a national debate that since has exploded over how well the force was trained and equipped to subdue disturbances.

Implications and Reflections So, the death of Linton is not only the pinnacle of the career of a criminal; it would account for a time of reflection of the continued struggle against gang violence in Jamaica. Questions are raised on issues such as the effectiveness of the justice system, the vicious circle of crime and retribution, and what it means for communities when they’re held hostage.

Jamaica’s high crime rate, based on research is related to a violent gang culture that focuses more on killings and less so on extortions when compared to Haiti. Haiti surprisingly has a lower murder rate than Jamaica which is the result of a culture that does not focus on violent crimes despite facing more poverty conditions when compared to Jamaica.

This case is also a reminder of common extra-judicial killings in Jamaica by law enforcement members, however, notably, ‘Dog Paw’ was the last top-tier Jamaican gangster to be killed on the island, ringing in the end of an era.

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