England Native Murdered in St. James

The parish of St. James has had a chilling total of 198 murders for the period of 2022, and just three days into the new year, it has recorded its first murder within the area.

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According to reports from the Jamaica Star, the identity of the victim has been confirmed as 33-year-old Sean Patterson, also known by the alias Allan. It is said that he is a personal trainer from West London, England.

Reports from the responding police officer indicate that, close to noon yesterday, Patterson was enjoying the facilities of the One Love Villa in Bogue Hill, St. James, when he was approached by a lone gunman who brandished a firearm. It is also alleged that upon seeing the weapon, Patterson ran into the yard of the villa in an attempt to get to safety, but the gunman gave chase.

The assailant caught up to Patterson and then shot him several times in the chest and head.

After hearing the explosions, the police were summoned, and the responding officers found Patterson lying in a pool of his blood. The investigators processed the scene of the heinous crime, after which Patterson was taken to the Cornwall Regional Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

The police, however, have identified a suspect in the murder of the British national and they are now in custody.

A friend of the deceased said that Patterson made his appearance on the island on the 29th of December. He went to an event on January 1, 2023, after which Patterson and his friend met with the suspect and travelled to Montego Bay together.

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