Entertainers Speak Out For Displaced Families at Innswood Estate

Thursday, February 18, 2021, 3:02 PM GMT-5

Several entertainers are furious after 15 families of Innswood estate, were forcefully removed from their homes by the SCJH company who sent police to have the residents escorted, however, a recent video surfaced showing the houses in a wrecked state with household items scattered all over the place.

According to a woman who spoke to The Gleaner about the situation, the police popped up early the morning they started to tear down the houses and told them it was time to go, however, the lady went on to elaborate that she had to hassle with the cops based on how they were throwing her stuff out of the home she lived for over 30 years.

According to her, the house was given to her family by the sugar factory due to the service her grandfather gave them. Based on the reports it is being found out, that the persons homes that were destroyed were no squatters.

Veteran Dancehall artiste Baby Cham took to his Instagram and addressed the matter by tagging Prime Minister Andrew Holness, letting him know that the persons in the Innswood area were treated inhumanely.

The entertainer, being very hurt by the situation went on to let Mr Holness know that the situation is one of those matters that require him to stand up for the people, as they do not deserve to be treated that way in 2021.

The Grung Gad, Bounty Killer also echoed the words of Baby Cham on his Instagram by reposting the post, tagging the Prime Minister, telling him, to be poor in Jamaica is a crime. He also added that “Poor people fed up & tired a di Fu#&ry”.

There is yet to be any word from Andrew Holness on the matter, however, a word should be expected from him soon about the issue as most of the families that have been moved out are still displaced.

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