“Equal Rights” Question In School Challenge Quiz Sparks A Frenzy

A controversial question on School Challenge Quiz raised many eyebrows Monday night and started a debate on Twitter.

During the popular quiz competition where Denbigh High School faced off against Wolmer’s Boys School, host Marlene Stephenson inquired about the artiste of the song “Equal Rights” in the second round. This question was directed to Denbigh High School, and one of its members answered Ishawna for the singer behind the song.

The female deejay does have a single titled “Equal Rights”, however, the answer was dubbed incorrectly by the host because the quiz conceptualizers had reggae legend Peter Tosh for the answer.

While Peter Tosh also has a song with that title, everyone on Twitter sided with the team answer being that Ishawna was a recent artiste to titled a song “Equal Rights” and broke the internet from the controversy she caused after its release.

Defending the team, Twitter users admitted that they would also name Ishawna, which she was on a technicality. Several persons expressed their shock when they heard the host deemed the team’s answer incorrect and added that Peter Tosh wouldn’t have come to their minds at all.


In light of this, during the school challenge quiz break, a discussion was held and Denbigh High School was awarded the point.

Watch Denbigh High School answering the question below.

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