ER: Ghetto Michael Jackson and Wessy Wessy Interview About ‘Mark-X’ That Caused Split – Video

The latest episode of Entertainment Report featured Jamaican dancer, Ghetto Michael Jackson and his manager Wessy Wessy. They were interviewed by Anthony Miller about their split and what caused the split. According to Ghetto Michael, his former manager Wessy Wessy took his money and buy a Mark-X car, while Wessy Wessy dismisses such claims and points out that he was able to buy a new car because he is a hustler.

In the interview, Wessy Wessy outlines that he travels a lot and do dub programs hence he was able to buy a four million dollar car which is causing the problem, he also details that “Ghetto Jackson” has not been travelling and shows have been few and far, plus not a lot of money his made from social media promotions.


“A lie him a tell him have mi money” Says Ghetto Michael Jackson in response to Wessy, he also reported that “Every show mi guh him collect di wul a mi money and nuh gi mi none”.

Watch the full show below.

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