ER: Kaseeno Tells Anthony Miller He Is The Jamaican Superman Not Shrek – Video

One of the newest artistes in the Dancehall space to have a buzz at this time is Clarendon native Kaseeno 51, who has the image that has been causing Jamaicans to talk.

The entertainer recently appeared on the popular Entertainment Report show where he gave a substantial overview of his current musical progress and the purpose behind his work of art.

In the interview Kaseeno let it known that he is no stranger to the circuit of talent shows as he has in the past entered both Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall and Digicel Rising Stars.

Funny enough, the interview host Anthony Miller did not recognize the deejay off the bat however, it seems to have clicked with him after doing some rethinking. Things have changed a lot though because the entertainer looks nothing like he used to in 2014 when he entered the Digicel talent competition, as he now sports an intricately bleached outlook which is very different from his once dark complexion.

According to the deejay, everything takes time, and it is with that perfect timing that Kaseeno said his current buzz in the music space came into being.

How the process unfolded as told by the deejay, is that his friend Corey introduced him to Troyton Music and as such the producer requested to hear his sound whereupon it was concluded that there was no going around his talent which then led to his new song entitled “Baby Come Over”, that has been taking Jamaica by storm.

Where his image is concerned the entertainer said he got the inspiration while he was staying in Westmoreland alone, with nothing but the bees, birds, and trees as his inspiration. At that time Kaseeno said that the house he was staying in did not even have light.

The deejay said that there are people who will not pay attention to an artiste if they do not like how he/she look which is the reason why he changed his appearance along with the fact that he had his face burned several years ago in an incident with bleaching being the recommended solution to hide the scars.

As such, Kaseeno explained to Anthony Miller that he has been waiting for this time and that he is simply a bad artiste that can sing any type of song and is also happy to make people joyful just by his appearance. Moving forward the 45-year-old artiste has decided that he is now the Jamaican Superman, and with that being said his new song produced by Troyton music is said to revolve around that idea.

Watch the full interview below.

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