ER: Notnice Express Disappointment in Popcaan, Says “Kartel cah sleep” if another Artiste Take his #1 Spot

Thursday, May 7, 2020, 10:22 AM GMT-5

Producer Notnice did an interview with Anthony Miller where he broke down the “Family Feud” he had with Popcaan, Notnice explained that Popcaan don’t like sharing, he wants all for himself.

Notnice states that Popcaan is like family and he did not expect Popcaan to do what he did to him, Notnice opens up that Popcaan was closer to him than Vybz Kartel, himself helped to launch Popcan’s career hence now he is disappointed.

On a more musical note, Notnice released a new song with 15 artistes titled “We are”, He explains “it was made because of what people are going through but it’s not a corona song”.

Notnice believes that most music that is being recorded nowadays in dancehall won’t reach far or last long.

Notnice explains that Vybz Kartel always change with the time “him keep people talking about him”, in closing Notnice made note that Vybz Kartel won’t accept another Dancehall artiste taking his number one spot “Vybz Kartel always a run di place.. him cah comfortable with another artiste at number one, him cah sleep”.

Notnice thinks Jamaica’s current Prime Minister “Hon Bro Gad” is doing a good job based on what he sees, he also added that he is not interested in politics.

“We Are”🇯🇲, 15 artistes 1 Track, out now online.

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