Tuesday, February 12, 2019, 2:43 PM

[Sharingbuttons]Grammy nominated reggae singer Etana as been entangled in a web of words on social media after a user said that the artiste was no longer ‘Conscious’.

The fiery argument, which sparked on Saturday night during the Grammy Awards, showed The Strong One responding with expletives, which left some followers surprised and frankly disappointed.


Persons continued to follow the post by stating lyrics from her popular songs, with comments like, “Etana is not afraid tonight“, and “Never let them get you down” to show both disapproval and support for the reggae singer.

Up to press time, she had not removed her responses or apologized.

When contacted Etana said,

“I really have noting further to say on that. Upward and forward movement.”

According to popular publicist and artiste manager Janice Young, it’s not uncommon for persons to Judge entertainer first by the image they portray, which in, Etana’s case, is conscious reggae singer.

“As it relates to responding to fans, I understand the humanity part that you want to lash out, celebrities have feelings too”, said Young, who manages controversial celebrity Yanquie Curvy Diva.

Opining that the user’s comment may have hit a nerve, Young said it should have been taken into consideration that some fans see her as a polished, culture artiste and would not expected or associated her with using ‘Bad words’.

It would be a great tactic to rebrand, she says,

“However, if she has no plans to remove it (comments) or issue an apology or even hitting a bit of regret towards the expletives she fired back with, then she will have to deal with the consequences which might include losing a few fans because people will say she is not the artiste they thought she was.”

Meanwhile, Dennis Brooks, Social Media specialist, told sources that while he empathizes with Etana, her response did not show the level of maturity and self-awareness that is expected of her and her brand.

“In creating that brand, it has a particular representation and for many years, Etana has been appealing to corporate, who might see her as ‘Touchy’. It may prove difficult for someone who brands themselves a particular way to curse on social media and so you may, as that type of a person, lose not just followers, not just fans but you will lose money. She has to be more careful to not respond to these types of things although the brand’s image is not damaged beyond repair,” he said.

Brooks suggested that instead of “Tracing him (the user) out”, Etana’s response could have been a bit more simple with a touch of shade as in, ‘I’m at the Grammy’s making history for our great country, I have no time for this’.

He went on to state that,

“It takes a certain level of maturity to just put down your phone, the tablet or whatever device you may have… her brand definition has to be paramount and her social media must be a space to manipulate her brand. Her PR Team should have never allowed this to transpire into what it has,” he said

Brooks suggested that a song which speaks to being a human being or having human frustrations could help although it is not necessary.

Instead, he said strategic positioning of statements from the artiste sharing that she is only human could work to her advantage.

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