Etana Takes Aim at VP Records Again: Distances Herself from their “Reggae Gold Thieving Album” – Video

As she continues her legal battle against her former label, VP Records, Reggae artiste Etana continues to distance herself from the company and has clarified that she is not associated with their Reggae Gold album.

Etana joined VP Records in 2007 and went on to release several of her most notable hits while with the label, such as I Am Not Afraid. However, the partnership later soured, with the singer leaving the label and later suing them for breach of contract and copyright infringement regarding.

Etana has spoken out about VP on multiple occasions and further distanced herself from the label during an Instagram live stream on Friday. She was one of several Reggae acts that performed at the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) and Wray & Nephew’s Reggae Gold Awards and Jamaica Music Museum Induction on Thursday.

Following her performance, the singer made it her priority to clarify during her live stream that she had made sure that the show was not sponsored by VP before her attendance. The company was one of several honourees during the award ceremony.

As the award show and VP’s compilation album series, Reggae Gold, bear the same name, Etana declared that her attendance was by no means a show of support for the record label.

“It name Reggae Gold, and I want the world to know, I want you all to know, that I am not affiliated with VP and dem companies and sub-companies [ … ] I didn’t go to di award show because I am in agreement with their use of my titles on dem Reggae Gold album,” Etana stated.

Despite VP being called up for their award right before her performance, the artiste expressed that she does not think it means anything. Etana added that she enjoyed her time at the show.

She went on to answer a viewer who questioned why artistes continue to join VP despite their troubled past with entertainers. According to Etana, there are Reggae artistes who deceive other musicians into believing that they will be okay with the company.

In the caption of the live stream, Etana described VP’s compilation album as the “thieving album” that they profit from.

“The Reggae Gold Award event by JCDC and Wray and Nephew should not be confused or mistaken for the VP Reggae Gold thieving album,” she wrote.

The statement continues, “which is a compilation of different artists most popular works which collects all the streams and sales for those songs under the title “Reggae Gold” which belongs entirely to the company.”

Watch Etana’s live stream below.

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