Everton “Beachy Stout” McDonald also Tried to Kill Himself on Multiple Occasions

The Supreme Court heard statements made by a witness about how Everton McDonald almost killed himself many times after he got his first wife killed because he had regrets about what he had done.

One witness who is now deceased gave a statement that was read in court. It is alleged that McDonald had suffered bouts of depression after his first wife was killed.

The witness who was Mr. McDonald’s nephew went to his house and was asked for Gramoxone and rope and when he found out what McDonald was planning to do, he decided to take Mr. McDonald to see his Obeah man.

He also gave startling allegations that McDonald said he wished he could get back his money and save his wife. He allegedly told the witness that dealing with the death of his first wife was hard.

It was reported that he made the plan to have his wife killed because she was planning to leave him and he didn’t want anyone else to have her.

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McDonald is now being held at the Horizon Remand Centre, he is represented by attorney at law Bert Samuels.

The nephew also revealed that, one time McDonald was in a car with that was tightly locked up with a water hose that was attached to the muffler, as it released carbon-monoxide in the car, he had to quickly open the car door and shake his uncle violently to revive him.

He said McDonald then started crying and he said he couldn’t take this anymore, look what his life came to.

He also said he saw a ladder leaning on a tree on another occasion and McDonald told him that he planned to take his own life as separation is harder to deal with than death.

McDonald according to the witness was depressed.

McDonald’s lawyer said he plans to make a bail application on March 22.

Learn more from the video report below.

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