Excelsior Vice Principal Murdered at Home

April 10, 2020

The murder of the vice-principal of Excelsior High School in St Andrew left the education community stunned on Holy Thursday evening.

It was reported that Colleen Walker who was employed at the school for over 12 years, was shot by a lone gunman at her home in St Andrew.


The (CCU) or Corporate Communications Unit of the police force confirmed the crime, but they said more details could not be disclosed.

However, sources revealed that Walker was at Ackee Walk which is off Molynes Road in Queensbury, St Andrew where her home is located. She was busy cutting the hedges in her garden when a man stopped by.

Detectives revealed that the man spoke to her for a while before he walked away but he returned and shot her.

Walker was then rushed to the hospital, She reportedly did surgery but she succumbed to her injuries and died.

Mrs. Colleen Walker Vice Principal was in charge of Students Affairs at Excelsior High School.

Some students left the following comments online “Cyaah believe miss walker dead yoo kmt🤦🏻‍♀🥺”, another said “Me head a hurt me frm me hear🥺💔”, Another said “Jah knwww Me cah believe thiss💔💔”, Another said “Exxi aguh feel different now”, another said “Honestly I’m hurting Speechless 😭😭😭😭”.


Another student stated “Ohh gooodddd rip miss walker😪”, another said “💔💔💔💔 I’ve had run ins with her but she guide me and she knows how to reason with students. She always smile when she see my mom and I in the mornings.”.

Mrs. Colleen Walker spent Over 27 years in the educational system,12 of which she spent at Excelsior. This is a great loss to our education system.



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