Face-To-Face Classes Put Off Until Majority Of Population Vaccinated

August 30, 2021 8:54 AM

The Minister of Education Fayval Williams has spoken on the matter concerning students returning to schools on a face-to-face basis, giving certain key points that might prove to be very important to parents, teachers and children alike.

According to the Minister, face-to-face learning for children will only take place when an amount of 65 percent of the population or higher becomes vaccinated.


So even though schools officially reopens on September 6, students will need to resort to the mediums such as online computer/Tablet learning, audiovisual tv, radio programs and printed learning packages used previously to tackle the situation of students accessing their lessons.

Just recently over 28,000 students were vaccinated, however, according to Minister Fayval, until the school population is analyzed for the vaccination rate and the permission to go face to face is granted by the Ministry of Health and Wellness, students will have to stick to the online learning protocol.

The Ministry of Education has said that to restart face-to-face classes, in the week of September 20 there will be an assessment done by them and the Ministry of Health and Wellness with whom they have collaborated.

Minister Williams, has also expressed that they are trying to get children under the age of 12 to do face to face again however for that to happen, they are advising households to get vaccinated as well as teachers, administrative workers and ancillary staff of Primary and Infant Schools as that would make things go faster.

The Minister also outlined that it is well known that there will be the need for things like registration, picking up packages as well as students getting their books so for these scenarios, the Ministry is advising that there should be no large gatherings at the schools and all businesses should be dealt with quickly with all Covid-19 protocols followed.



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