Faking it For Likes: Woman Takes Photos, Videos Pretending to Clean Up Beach Then Walks Away Leaving the Garbage and Plastic Bag

As social media continues to dominate the lives of many, there is always someone faking it for the camera. A woman was caught faking it for likes, portraying herself as someone cleaning the beach, and viewers have called her out for clout chasing.

In a video that was apparently captured by an onlooker, the blonde-haired female was seen shooting a video on a beach with garbage bags. The footage exposing the woman began with her loading up a garbage bag while her videographer filmed her.

The beach was occupied by several people who were either sitting in the sand, walking along the shoreline, surfing the waves, or idly standing by. The video cuts to show her pulling one garbage bag along the seaside with another one slung over her shoulder.

After obviously getting enough shots, the pair abandoned the bags and took off.

Watch the video of the woman below:

See some comments below:

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