Marion Hall Spots Shark While at the Beach – Watch Video

While on a trip to the beach with her companions, Minister Marion Hall encountered a shark in the glistening, clear blue-green waters very close to the shore.

The Jesus In The End gospel singer uploaded a video of the creature with a warning that it was “looking for meat.”

The entertainer stated that she was on the beach when she became aware of the presence of a shark in the shallows. She took a video of the incident and posted it to her Instagram page a short while ago with the caption, “This shark was swimming right where I was swimming minutes before, I went back under my umbrella. One of my sisters kept telling me to always be on the lookout , when I go swimming.”

In the video, she was heard saying, “Yeah it’s a shark for real, there he is. See how big him is, he’s looking for meat.” She continued by stating, “I’m on the beach and a shark come right in…you come to get me, you not gone get me,” She repeated and then started laughing.

Watch the video below:

Concerned for the singer, someone said, “Stay safe Sis,” while another tried to explain, “Look like a Nurse shark they are bottom dwellers that dont attack humans.”

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