Marion Hall Highlights Her “Voluptuous” God-Blessed Body, Returns to Preaching Online – Watch Videos

After Minister Marion Hall shared that she was banned from returning to certain churches and spoke about the backlash she got from her attire on the Reggae Sumfest poster, she now returns to the space in which she is welcomed and is once again preaching online.

The Dancehall turned Gospel artiste returned to preaching online and tackled the issue of how she dresses and her body in a recent Live. She was dressed in a blue dress with a black undershirt to cover her breasts and a red blazer with her hair slicked back in a low ponytail.

She began the online sermon with soothing Gospel music and singing along to the words. Moving on to the service of the day, Minister Marion Hall, formerly Lady Saw, stated that sometimes God would give you a calling and test you in ways that will make you have enemies, but that she “would rather have thousands of enemies,” than turn her back on the Lord.

Later on, tackling the issue of her body and how she chooses to dress, Marion Hall stated, “You will not stop me from praising him, you will not stop me from dressing up and these are mine. A fimi dem, a fimi dem,” she says while repeatedly touching her breasts. Declaring “a God gimmi dem”, the Sorry To Hurt Your Feelings singer says she has a “blessed body” that is all natural and that she cannot do anything about it except to cover up but that it will still show because she is “voluptuous.”

Emphasizing that she did not get any enhancement surgeries done to look how she looks, she turned her back to the camera, made sure she was in full view and then smacked her butt while saying, “I didn’t enhance nothing, it is mine. Look, it is mine.

Watch the video below:

Watch the full sermon below:

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