Marion Hall Says, “Keep Yuh Church,” After Hearing She Was Banned… Outlines Her Future Plans – Watch Video

Minister Marion Hall recently spoke up about getting banned by a church in the United States of America (USA) because of the backlash she was getting on the music front and her dress code at times.

The minister said that she would be attending a lot of family-friendly events, such as Jerk Fest and Groove in the Park, in order to spread the gospel to these places. However, Marion Hall explained that “Some churches won’t have me cuz recently…I was on a show with Papa San and Hezekiah Walker…and then he called me and tell me that he’s getting a lot of backlash.”

Additionally, the I’m Doing Better singer voiced “If the church won’t have me, I’m going to the people who will have me…keep yuh church, yuh don’t have to invite me at your church…you remind me of when I was in Jamaica and Montego Bay ban me when I was x-rated, now the church is banning me.”

After the fallout, the Dancehall-turned-gospel singer mentioned that God’s way of doing things may seem different to onlookers, but that her God was working through her to deliver a message and quoted scriptures to support her argument about dressing in a sheer top which the church had a problem with.

Watch the full video below:

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