Minister Marion Hall Shares Plans to Distribute Over 2000 Bibles at Reggae Sumfest 2023 – Watch Video

Following her unexpected announcement that she would be returning to Reggae Sumfest in 2023 after closing the event in 2015 ahead of her baptism, Minister Marion Hall has shared her plans to give away 2000–3000 Bibles.

Hall had initially rejected the idea of performing at Sumfest in 2022, stating that she would attend the event if they staged a gospel night. However, the gospel singer has since brokered a deal with Sumfest and Downsound Entertainment boss Joe Bogdanovich to return this summer and has stated that she will be adding Jesus to the show.

As her big return to Sumfest slowly approaches, Hall shared in a YouTube live stream on Wednesday that she specifically chose to perform on the festival night with Gramps Morgan, Freddie McGregor, and Lieutenant Stitchie, whom she deemed powerful people of God. Expressing her desire to buy a number of Bibles to bring to the stage show, Minister Hall reached out to her followers to assist her in making the hefty purchase. She suggested starting a GoFundMe campaign or creating an online wishlist that would allow her supporters to buy the Bibles.

The minister has already pinpointed a supplier from whom the bibles are priced at US$3,526 for 2000 and shared that they would be issued out in queues at the event. Hall already has the backing of Bogdanovich, who has given her a location in Miami to have the order shipped to. Hall noted that the world was in dire need of the word of God.

“I believe that if there’s ever a time that people need to get into the word of God, it’s right now because we are at war. The devil is out. There’s so much mess in this earth, so much going on, and even our island Jamaica. We need the word in the street,” Hall stated.

With regards to the deal she brokered with Bogdanovich to perform at Sumfest, Hall disclosed that in addition to choosing the night she will perform, she also negotiated to have Downsound produce two songs for her. Gramps Morgan has collaborated with Hall to create her two new singles.

Watch the video below.

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